An important lesson from Diane Ravitch: “Don’t Like Betsy DeVos? Blame the Democrats”

Diane Ravitch remains a hero of mine. She is the nation’s foremost expert on the history of public education and one of its biggest champions. She is the voice for many teachers across the country who are frustrated with what is happening in public education. 

In her post below, she shares an article she wrote for New Republic magazine. In it, she lays out exactly why we are in this problematic situation with public education in the US. From Bush the first to Clinton to Bush the second and Obama – and now with Trump and DeVos – we have been on an increasingly frustrating and devastating trek for some time now. Ravitch shows why Democrats aided heavily in getting us to this point. 

And boy, does she nail it. As a Democrat and former teacher who started teaching in 1998, the last days of Clinton and just before No Child Left Behind became the law of the land, I experienced firsthand what Ravitch describes. It all happened over my career as a teacher. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons I quit. I couldn’t take the frustration I felt any longer. 

Ravitch doesn’t just teach us a history lesson though. She also lays out what we could – and should – do now to finally reverse this course and set things straight. 

She writes:

The agenda isn’t complicated. Fight privatization of all kinds. Insist on an evidence-based debate about charter schools and vouchers. Abandon the obsession with testing. Fight for equitable funding, with public money flowing to the neediest schools. Acknowledge the importance of well-educated, professional teachers in every classroom. Follow the example of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who vetoed a bill to expand charters in March. Or Montana Governor Steve Bullock, who insists that charters employ certified teachers, allow them to unionize, and fall under the control of local school districts. Democrats should take their cue from Bullock when he declares, “I continue to firmly believe that our public education system is the great equalizer.”

There is already an education agenda that is good for children, good for educators, good for the nation, and good for the Democratic Party. It’s called good public schools for everyone. All Democrats have to do is to rediscover it.

So… here’s hoping. With Trump self-destructing and such strong opposition to DeVos, I’m (somewhat)(cautiously) hopeful Democrats will change course and return to our roots. Time will tell. 

Diane Ravitch's blog

I wrote this article for The New Republic.

It explains how Democrats set the stage for DeVos’ anything-goes approach to school choice by their advocacy of charter schools. Charters are the gateway to vouchers. We have seen many groups like Democrats for Education Reform try to draw a sharp distinction between charters and vouchers. It doesn’t work. Once you begin defaming public schools and demanding choice, you abandon the central argument for public schools: they belong to the public.

The political side to this issue is that the Democratic Party sold out a significant part of its base–teachers, teachers unions, and minorities–by joining the same side as ALEC, the Walton family, and rightwing conservatives who never approved of public schools.

Their pursuit of Wall Street money in exchange for supporting charters helped to disintegrate their base. To build a viable coalition for the future, the Party must walk away…

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